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For the Sommelier. Leviathan is a red blend from legendary winemaker Andy Erickson, the former winemaker for Screaming Eagle. With Leviathan, Andy has the freedom to pursue his passion of crafting one red blend wine sourced from the best growing regions in California. Every year he coaxes the very best from each of the chosen varietals, regions and vineyards to create one distinct and exceptional red blend.

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2017 Leviathan track record

94pts JD Leviathan 2017

V16 Leviathan RP

2014 Leviathan

2013 Leviathan

Shelf Talkers / Neckers

94pts Leviathan 2017

V16 Leviathan Necker

V16 Leviathan Shelf Talker (4 Up)

V16 Leviathan Shelf Talker Master



Leviathan Beauty

Leviathan Beauty2

Andy and bottle

Leviathan Sofa


Leviathan Spring


Leviathan Night Out

Label Images

2016 Label

2017 Label



2017 Leviathan