Wines of the Huneeus Family

It takes generations of focus, passion and determination to build some of the greatest wine brands in the world. Today, our critically-acclaimed wines and estates include Quintessa, Flowers, Faust, Benton-Lane, Leviathan, and Illumination.


A Rare and Eloquent Vintage

The 2017 Quintessa captures the timeless balance of power and elegance and is a living expression of the estate, shaped by the soils, vines, climate and human element.

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We believe that life’s simple pleasures are more important than ever before. In light of current events, we have created a selection of wines for enjoyment in the comfort of your own home. While you may not be able to join us in wine country right now, it is our pleasure to bring to you a reflection of our unique estates, the land that brings us so much joy, and the spirit and inspiration of those who care for it.

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Visit the Faust Haus

After decades spent admiring the mysterious Victorian home up on the hill, The Faust Haus is now open for newcomers and longtime fans to come and discover. Located in St. Helena, this former farmhouse and Prohibition Era cellar is an escape from the typical Napa Valley and offers visitors a look into the Faust way of life.

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Discover more about the exclusive benefits our memberships have to offer. Including pre-release access to limited production wines, complimentary tasting experiences to invitations and festive estate celebrations, there are so many reasons to become a member today.

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Library Selections

For the ultimate wine aficionado, we delved deep into our cellar to bring forth a unique selection of library wines.

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Our Properties

Explore our diverse vineyard locations in Napa and Sonoma counties, as well as Oregon’s Willamette Valley.

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